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Why are you here? Because you love a well-designed wine cellar or wine wall just as much as you enjoy the bottles you pull off the wine racks.

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This is the intersection of wine and design, a place where we can showcase the beauty of the modern wine cellar, appealing to the sophisticated tastes of wine connoisseurs and bleeding edge designers from coast to coast. Look around. Get inspired. Join our community. Most of all drink something good and build something better.
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Custom Modern Wine Cellar by Heritage Vine

Safeguard Your Modern Wine Cellar From Mold

Heritage Vine Custom Wine Cellars is one of the premier cellar builders in the United States with years of experience, the experts in this Scottsdale, Az., business know the wine cellar, inside and out. Its blog is full of helpful information, including a recent post on protecting a cellar from mold.

More than half of U.S. homes have a mold problem, according to This Old House. One of the most common rooms to find mold in is the basement as it tends to be colder and more susceptible to damp than the rest of the home. However, mold and damp can ruin the overall appeal of your custom wine cellar, and even impact the vintage wine bottles that you’ve got stashed in there. It’s therefore vital that you take steps to combat mold and damp from growing in your bespoke wine cellar.

Read the full story on the Heritage Vine blog>>

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